The perfect bathing suit for your body

The perfect bathing suit for your body

DIY diets, 24 hours of gym, apnea walks on lifeguard boardwalk.. sometimes the solution for cheerfully enjoying your summer can be very simple.
Have you ever thought about facing the upcoming swimsuit season from another point of view?
Have you ever realised that the problem may not be your body but indeed the bathing suit you are wearing? As it generally happens when we are wearing clothes, even a bathing suit can enhance our strengths and hide our little flaws.
What it really counts is the ability to choose the most adequate bathing suit.

If you are like Cameron Diaz or Claudia Schiffer, you probably don’t have any kind of problem in wearing a monokini and by covering the essential, the perfect suntan is guaranteed.
But if you are like the 99% of the women (that is to say the real world), your body has some little flaws.. don’t worry because the adequate bathing suit exists also for you! If you have few extra pounds the solution is a balcony bikini or a one piece swimsuit with decollete that can accentuate your shoulders and minimize your flaws.

Avoid culottes and shorts that conscrict your body and emphasize fawls. If your butt and hips are abundant, they need to be enhanced thus focusing attention on your breast: balcony bikinis and triangle top bikinis are definitely better than culottes.
If you have a lean look and pure curves, laced bathing suits of original design are welcome and if you prefer a two pieces bathing suit, a bright white or black triangle top bikini is the best solution.

Seeing is believing!

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